What We Do


Harmon Events offers our clients the most reliable and knowledgeable team of professionals the industry has to offer. Our network of professionals allows us to consistently deliver exceptional products and services. Harmon Events will provide you the peace of mind that your event will be everything it is meant to be.

When you hire Harmon Events you’re not just our client; we think of you as friends and family and take pride in every detail of your event. At Harmon Events we make lasting friendships and we give every client complete service no matter how large or small your budget may be.


Every Bride should be able to have a professional Wedding Coordinator even if she is not a celebrity! At Harmon Events, our goal is to help you plan a wedding based on your personality and your own unique love story.

Special Events

Harmon Events believes that every milestone in your life and your family’s lives should be celebrated and create lasting memories. Our goal is to help you plan a spectacular event that will be talked about for years to come.

Corporate Events

Corporate events should be more than a work hangout it should create lasting memories and bonds between coworkers. Our goal is to help you plan those moments that will create a one of a kind moment.